Abdominal Breathing Instructions

Ewa Ostoja, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist   970-214-5574



 Your goal is to become a CHRONIC ABDOMINAL BREATHER…

 Please practice this exercise at least twice a day for ten minutes each. You may wish to try first thing in the morning and in bed before falling asleep. You may wish “to anchor” your breathing to such events as red lights, the sound of a text coming in, or any other regular activity you perform. Just stop and ask: where is my breath?

Notice your breathing. Slow it down gently.

If you can, lay down. Wear comfortable clothing, especially around your waist.

Imagine that you have a balloon in your belly.

Breathe through your nose (if you can).

On an inhale, slowly fill the balloon (in your belly) with air. Briefly pause.

Exhale slowly through your nose by relaxing your belly.

Do not judge your performance. Just practice and observe. It will get easier with practice.

Notice how the air passes through your nose, throat, chest, and into your belly. That breath brings you life.

Exhale slowly and notice how that feels.

As you keep breathing in-and-out, slowly, imagine yourself lying comfortably in a field of grass, by a creek, or on a sandy beach.

Allow yourself to notice how the grass or sand feel on your body. Smell the air. Pay attention to the sound of water.

Look into the deep, blue sky.

Your thoughts are like passing clouds. Notice your thoughts like you notice the clouds. Do not judge them as good or bad. Notice them and let them go.

Your true self is like the deep blue sky behind the clouds. It is always there, no matter how many thoughts you have or what your thoughts or worries are.

This exercise works best after working out, walking or yoga.