What Happens in Sessions?

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The Flow of Sessions

Depending on the client’s needs in the moment, I may primarily listen or I may become very active and offer multiple strategies. Sometimes clients find it helpful to cry and receive therapeutic support, and at others clients benefit from humor. Some clients like to be gently teased when they fall prey to an old maladaptive habit.

I integrate multiple therapy approaches (including cognitive-behavioral, EMDR, mindfulness, attachment, and neurobiological) to help clients shift their habitual ways of handling challenges. Having seen hundreds of clients in inpatient and outpatient settings, I have a fairly good sense of where the client is at and where we need to go next.

Most clients tell me that they find it easy to talk to me, and usually that’s a good sign that we will make progress in therapy. I am always happy to refer out those clients who may prefer a different approach. Though I can provide no guarantees, I have seen many clients experience more joy and self-confidence as a result of their hard work in therapy.

For examples of various therapeutic strategies I use, please click here, or explore the drop down menus above.