Many people feel depressed from time to time. If your feelings of sadness are frequent and last more than a day, or if you feel severely depressed even occassionally, it is worth speaking with a Psychologist or a therapist. There are many things you can do to improve your quality of life. Your family will likely be happier as well. I work with clients who experience feelings of depression of various degrees, from seemingly mild to severe. I always tell clients that there is no reason to suffer unnecessarily, without first exploring the options for more happy ad productive living.

Clinical depression is a more severe form of what most of us recognize as feelings of sadness or lack of joy or motivation. Clinical depression often requires rapid intervention at several levels, usually including medications if the depression is severe. As a Psychologist I do not prescribe medications but I work closely with primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and psychiatrists to coordinate care.

I do not tell patients whether they should or should not take medicines. I work with patients who take medicines and patients who are opposed to medications. But I am very honest with my clients about what I see in terms of severity and the likelihood of improvement with and without medications. My approach is gentle and non-confrontational but I have seen such a range of symptoms over the years that I am quite confident when I recommend that a client speak with a prescribing practitioner about potential benefits of medications. I respect each client’s decision and we agree to disagree, and I will continue to do my best to support each client with the best cognitive and emotional interventions available.